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Performers in Lockdown!

Hello Everyone we hope you are well and safe! So Dc2 Entertainment have been creating lots of things for social media over this lockdown period but what exactly have we been up too?


Training is so important to us! lots of out performers have been taking classes almost everyday to stay committed to our technique, show performance and stamina. We have been making sure we are all ready to be back performing. Company Choreographer 'Danni Cash' has also been teaching online classes to ensure everyone gets a chance to continue their training!

Entertaining the locals.

During this time there have been a lot of days for celebration including VE Day! On this day there was plenty of front garden parties happening and Danni Cash got the honour of walking around her local community on stilts dress all in Blue and red to support the cause.

BBC West Midlands Radio.

Company director Danni Cash also had the opportunity to be on BBC West Midlands radio to talk about the Company and the upcoming fire performance she did for the NHS clap on May 21st 2020! How exciting we got to put ourselves out there on the Radio!

NHS Clap

As Director of the company Danni felt it was right to raise some money for the NHS key workers and celebrate all their hard work. So she took it upon herself to do a Fire performance for her local area to see how much she could raise. She gathered the locals together to do a minute fire show and manned to raise and amazing £110 Which wen straight to the NHS!

Isolation Videos.

Also during this time we have wanted to keep the show alive and make people smile we have produced 3 Isolation dance videos for social media and for all to enjoy. Not only has this made us happy and keeping our performing passion alive it has kept everyone else smiling!


Dc2 are itching to get back performing at your events and we can only hope it happens real soon. Thinking about an event at the end of the year or next year? Then give us a message we will be happy to talk to you and go through everything we can do to make your day perfect. But for now keep an eye out for our next Isolation video celebrating PRIDE MONTH !

See our previous video here! Enjoy


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